Their are two realities facing the 21st century organization:

  1. They need talented people and retain them
  2. They need designed to keep them engaged

The truth is this has been a reality for every business since the beginning of time.  The big question is how do we do this while increasing technological advances and staying focused on new frontiers?  

The Blade Group is here to partner with your organization, so together we enhance the development & retention of your people and the quality of activities your workforce participates in.  We are here to challenge convention, so your organization doesn't have to compete anymore.  This is designed to help you focus on becoming a category on your own.  A monopoly of your own.  We believe that if you've sharpened your Blade enough and harness its hard and soft qualities, you won't need to use that blade for war.  Instead, you'll use it to unite your people and help them realize a new future that your customers could never have dreamed of.    

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Current open courses

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My takeaway was that we all have a blend of drive and compassion that must be balanced to achieve happiness while making an impact on the world around us.
— Lars Hotseung, CEO Custom Label