Developing & Retaining Modern Human Capital
by Gary Xavier


This presentation is designed to challenge the worker-leader relationship.   Both from a recruitment and retention perspective.  

Gary challenges the current workforce arrangement between employees and employers in order to build more trust with more of the right people needed to fulfill your organization's mission.  

In addition to disrupting the worker-leader relationship, Gary challenges the development of top talent presenting a way to awaken critical human abilities like creativity and adaptability in order to become world-class.   

Gary Xavier, a Marine Corps Scout Sniper, Ironman athlete and PGA Golf Professional purposely lives in environments that require adaptability and change. He will illustrate the importance of creative intelligence and how this will give your business an unfair advantage.

After this presentation, you will understand the following: 


  • The status quo of the relations between workers and leaders
  • The status quo of the work design and what skills the past called for
  • The future of worker-leaders relationships
  • The future of human skills in the 21st century
  • See successful examples of the workforce disruption
  • Illustrate the ways to implement the workforce disruption
  • Implement a 30-day action plan for the workforce disruption

Added Value

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • 1-Day Training Sessions
  • Panel Sessions

Let's get to work.