Developing & Retaining Modern Human Capital

 by Gary Xavier


This presentation is designed to awaken the dormant human abilities in your workforce.  Abilities like creativity, design, symphonic thinking and story-telling.  Abilities more in need than ever to stay and remain competitive.    

Gary Xavier, a Marine Corps elite Scout Sniper & endurance athlete happens to also be an extroverted creative.  He will illustrate the importance of creative intelligence and how this will give your business a competitive advantage.

Gary will make a case that only through creative intelligence can a workforce do the work of problem identification as a better path toward business success.  

After this presentation, you will understand the following: 


  • The evolution of workforce design

  • The creative intelligence advantage

  • Conduct a creative intelligence drill to awaken this skill

  • Learn how to apply more humanity in product, customer and employee discussions.  

  • How technology is forcing humanity to be more human not more machine

Extra Value

  • Breakout Sessions
  • Executive meeting facilitation
  • Strategic Planning

You focused?