Who says you're a leader ?
There have been books and monuments dedicated to the bold and bigger
You've heard the names throughout history like Churchill, Mandela, Ghandi and Caesar.

But these people were not infallible in how they lived
One was a drunk, a convict, a lawyer and fugitive

So what's happened to the small 
Those who act everyday with faith, love and courage most of all. 

When did the measure of leadership become a scoreboard riddled with excess
More investors, users, rallies, mentions, capital it's all pursuits of stress

Who says you're a leader when you leave your team behind?
Who says you're a leader when you move so fast you can't see the opportunities, you're nearly blind.

We can celebrate leaders like Peter Shih, Ellison, Murdoch and Trump
But leadership is who you can inspire not force, manipulate, lie to or dump.

The truth is cold but its a fact
The #1 reason employees don't trust us is because we have no courage, humility or tact.

The future needs a new leader who can bridge the gaps
Solving hugger, disease, energy, relationships and apple maps.

The world loves a leader ready to be bold and bigger
But the world needs a leader humble enough to speak the truth with a whisper

As a 21st century leader, there are only three decisions we need to remember
Become morally noble, Accept self sacrifice and search for a new frontier 

We don't need updates, upgrades, downloads or overloads
But with courage, humility, adaptability, stewardship, empathy our humanity will explode

The time has come for us to decide 
What kind of leaders we are inside

Will we simply look for a market that pays us
Or will we create new inventions, new economics that save us

I know you are worried about what the world will think
If you simply slow down, stop and blink

Remember, your people look to you when times get tough and come unglued
So you might as well challenge convention because tough times are coming, you're gonna get sued.

Just know yourself, know your people and know your destination
The rest will take care of itself as long as you stick to this with determination

We only have a small amount of time
To make a difference, to be remembered to make someone shine

Don't let age or upbringing draw the line
Instead surround yourself with the best and kindest, they won't let you resign

So if you have an idea or want to bridge a gap
Go find the resources, the talent and ignore the crap

But if someone asks, "who says you're a leader?"
Simply reply, "No one, I'm here to make a difference, isn't that why you're here?"

Gary Xavier is a group cohesion expert, leadership speaker and former Marine Sniper who works with forward-thinking organizations on small unit leader behavior through visual media and the spoken word. He is the Chief Exploration Officer of The Blade Group LLC, a leadership development lab based in Northern California. Gary is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Association for Talent Development and the Professional Golfer's Association of America. Follow Gary on Twitter @garyjxavier or email him at gary@garyxavier.com