THIS IS THE BIG 3: These are 3 engaging, educational and humorous articles I have read in the previous week about leadership.  I post links for you to read along with a brief description and my thoughts on the main issue.  
THE AUTHOR: My name is Gary.  I am a professional speaker on leadership & group cohesion.  I am an endurance athlete, former Marine sniper, trophy husband and rookie father.  I work with corporate, education and family leaders to lead with more courage, more humility, more adaptability, more creativity and more empathy.  I also dance.    
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March 9-13, 2015

Theme: Master the Uncomfortable


Some advice from Ben Horowitz via Jordan Wright, CEO of Comfy

My description: If you quit at the very sign of trouble, then you'll hate this article because it tells you to do just the opposite: push harder.  Jordan Wright, CEO of Comfy explains the logic of  "running your company off a cliff."

My leadership thoughts: I was told once, "It is lonely at the top."  When it comes to decision making, I know this to be very true.  Ultimately, you are going to have to make a decision as a leader.  You can call all the people you want, but you will need to stare people in the face and ask them to do more than they ever thought they could.  Or worse, destroy more than they are willing to destroy. The only comfort you'll ever have is that somewhere there is another leader dealing with these same emotions and decisions.  

Who Wrote it: Thanks to @venturebeat & Comfy CEO, Jordan Wright.



Jay-Z wins control over Swedish music streaming service Aspiro with $54m offer, which puts the 45 year old rapper a major competitor of Apple's newly purchased Beats by Dre.  

My description/leadership thoughts: I love Jay-Z for one reason: Exploration.  The man just keeps pushing the boundaries of his empire.  For reasons that have little if anything to do with margin.  This is a lesson in progress.  It is said that progress is happiness.  Well, if that's true, then what about insane leapfrogging conquering progress?  We know more money brings more problems (thanks again Jay-Z), but more exploration brings more engaging and challenging work.  Where is your next frontier? And, what is the next destination. 

Who Wrote it: Thanks to The Guardian 



Hint: CEOs are not the best at executive development.  In fact, they should avoid doing this.

My description:  I'm kind of on a Ben Horowitz trip right now. Let's face it, the guy just writes it like it is.  And for this reason, I give you a jab and a hook from Ben about the CEO's role in executive development.  Write this down: executives should be Navy Seals; except they should be elite in their own respective area (sales, supply chain, ops, etc.).  As CEO, your job is to unleash them and ensure they are world-class.  Excellence is the only path.  But do not tell them how to do their job unless you are world-class in their area.  

My leadership thoughts: If you lead long enough, you realize there are people who just don't need supervision.  In fact, there are people who just need resources, expectations and autonomy.  When you have someone like this, have them educate you.  Ask questions about the product's momentum not about what their activity is or who they are meeting with.  You don't care, they are a Navy Seal.  All they want is to accomplish the mission.  Have them teach you, provide resources and ask what they need to build what they see.    You are not a #BOSS!  You are a leader, so become a student of your executives. 

Who Wrote it: Thanks to @bhorowitz of Andreessen Horowitz in Recode